Remote Auditing

Keep safe and take advantage of our remote auditing service.

A remote audit is the same as an onsite audit, however, it uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to audit a company’s processes, policies, procedures and personnel.

Three Steps to Prepare for Your Remote Audit

A remote audit still follows all the Standards requirements for what must be audited, the proof of evidence and, the issuance of non-conformances.

However, it uses various software systems that support video and voice communication, file sharing and screen sharing.

Benefits of a Remote Audit

Enjoy the many benefits that remote auditing can bring to you and your business. With our focus on protecting the health and safety for you, your staff and our employees, remote auditing will allow minimal disruptions to your operations, protecting your audit program.

A Flexible Approach
Same quality audit you have come to expect, delivered using a range of technology that suits you.
Reduce Audit Costs
Access sites that are difficult or risky to travel to and save on time and money.
Enable Sustainability
Access our network of expert auditors and maintain business continuity during this crisis.

Remote Auditing FAQs

Read the answers to frequently asked Remote Auditing questions.

How Will SAI Global Deliver Our Audit?

SAI Global has the ability to provide audit and certification services remotely.

What is Remote Auditing?

SAI Global has been conducting remote audits for many years. With the integration of smartphones and/or video/audio technology, we can facilitate a remote audit with the appropriate governance and quality of outcome you have come to expect from SAI Global.

Can We Continue with Our Audit?

For ISO standards, yes. If you have a confirmed audit, there is no change to our standard process.

If you are certified to Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Devices or Food Safety Standards, please contact us for more information.

Is Remote Auditing Recognized by the Respective Accreditation Bodies?

Yes. SAI Global works in concert with the Accreditation bodies, and while providing flexibility in obtaining certification, we are not in any way compromising the robustness of these processes.

How Is SAI Global Equipped to Assist Us?

SAI Global has available tools, that you can simply refer to and share within your organization about auditing and certification to assist in internal communications.

Your SAI Global team are highly experienced and are ready to help and work with you on any specific requirements to ensure your business continuity over this period.

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