AS 9110 Aerospace Certification

A quality management system standard for the aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul segment.

This Standard is focused on controlling repair schemes and maintenance plans, configuration management and the necessary skills and qualifications. The latest version, AS 9110 Rev C (2016), includes the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 supplementing additional requirements specific for the industry.

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Enhance Your Brand

Provide safe and reliable services that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements.

Improve Maintenance

Ensure you have the necessary approvals, ratings, licenses and permits to carry out new and existing maintenance procedures.

Qualify your Teams

Understand the requirements for personnel conducting MR&O tasks – and ensure your teams meet them.

Operate with Confidence

Adopting AS 9110 assures your customers, partners and regulators confidence that you are committed to safety, quality and best practices.

What Is It?

The aerospace industry understands that the needs of the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) segment are different from those of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) segment. Products are designed to perform for 50 years or more, so proper maintenance is crucial for safe operation.

The AS 9110 standard addresses MRO requirements. Effective implementation will provide a robust system to ensure safety, reliability and airworthiness.AS 9110 is based on ISO 9001:2000 but has nearly 100 additional requirements specific to the aerospace MRO industry.
AS 9110 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization needs to provide products and services, or enhance customer satisfaction, in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
Context of the Organization
The organization must understand the external and internal factors that may affect its ability to achieve the desired results.
Leadership is critical to a quality management system’s success, requiring visible commitment, clear communication and strong customer focus.
Planning must address quality objectives; risks and opportunities; and change management.
The organization must ensure it has sufficient resources, competence, awareness, communication and documented information to successfully implement a quality management system.
Operational planning and control includes determining requirements and processes, managing risk and ensuring safety.
Performance Evaluation
The organization must determine what is to be monitored, how and when it will be measured and how the results will be analyzed.

AS 9110 requires a commitment to continuous improvement, managing nonconformities, enhancing customer satisfaction and taking corrective action when required.

Next Steps

We can help your organization to implement or optimize AS 9110.

  • Purchase the AS 9110 Standard
  • Undertake training to build expertise
  • Contact SAI Global to discuss requirements, timeframes and costs
  • Perform and option pre-assessment
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Undertake a Stage 1 audit
  • Complete a detailed Stage 2 audit
  • Upon successful certification, display the ‘Five Ticks’ StandardsMark™
  • Conduct annual Surveillance Audits
  • Recertify to AS 9110 every three years
  • Establish and continuous improvement culture
  • Market for brand and promotional benefits
  • Optimize commercial teams
  • Ensure stakeholder awareness

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