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Remote Auditing
This factsheet outlines everything you need to know about remote auditing during COVID-19.
Remote Food Auditing Processes In Australia
In line with the current operating environment, there have been several key food safety scheme updates that may impact your audit process. Where feasible, SAI Global Assurance can facilitate a remote audit with the integration of smartphones, videos and audio technology.
Effective ways to Plan and Conduct Remote Audits
Remote Audits have become a mainstay in the quality world owing to the current pandemic. While there are several significant benefits to remote audits such as eliminating costs of physically sending auditors to a site – and as technology develops, deliver increasingly accurate reflections of the audit site’s condition, being highly flexible and can be scheduled quickly in response to problems, there are also real challenges and risks to consider and address if a remote audit is going to yield a useful and accurate representation of the audited organization.
Planning And Conducting A Remote Audit
During this webinar Carmine Liuzzi will discuss how to plan and conduct remote audits.
Medistar Achieve Certification After Completing Their Stage 2 Audit Remotely
Medistar achieve ISO 9001 certification after completing their stage 2 audit remotely to accommodate the recent national travel bans
Remote Audits Within The Food Supply Chain
Few people would have thought, six months ago, that the world would be fighting a global pandemic with many countries in some form of lockdown and economic activity drastically reduced.
Navigating The MDSAP During COVID-19
Medical Device manufacturers around the globe are uniquely affected in this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Medical device products and services continue to be in high demand, and essential for hospitals and patient care providers. Medical device manufacturers are facing new challenges with being able to manufacture, procure and/or distribute critical medical products and components during this unprecedented period.
COVID-19 Customer Statement
SAI Global Assurance continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. We are committed to keeping our clients and colleagues healthy and safe.
Audit & Certification Services
Savvy companies adopt standards to gain a competitive edge, optimize risk, improve business performance and transparency, to fuel a positive culture.